28. September 2020 - 9:00
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Global DISC Train the Trainer certification - Experience Budapest, Hungary | Budapest | Monday, 28. September 2020

Could you get certified in the latest, multi award-winning coaching tool here? What if the course also paid for itself? 
It is all happening at the end of September here in Budapest.

What is Global DISC? 
It is an ICF accredited, multi award-winning behavioural model explaining how personality type AND cultural background influence all 3 layers of  identity, WHAT, HOW and WHY we do act, feel and think the way we do. 

What are the alternatives and why Global DISC is different? 
- Standard DISC explains WHAT personality types are and HOW they tend to behave if they are not influenced by their cultural background and others around them. - A situation that is highly unlikely to happen.- Intercultural models focus on statistically average values, the WHY, of different nationalities and maybe generations. - 80% of cultural differences are within countries, not between them and we all belong to 15-20 cultural groups at once. - Over 90% of companies buy and sell solutions based on the data from the 70s and 80s, provided by people who grew up without internet, EU and cheap flights. - The world has completely changed in the last 40 years, outdated and incomplete solutions cannot deliver sustainable and complete results. 
What is the benefit to your clients?
- it introduces the topic of cultural intelligence using the language of the most popular model, DISC. - it measures the cognitive diversity of a group, the deep layer of diversity that makes or breaks a team- it measures the intercultural gap between 2 individuals, 2 groups, an individual or a group and 40 countries or 16 DISC styles
What is the benefit to you? 
- Stand out from the crowd by offering the latest, 21st century solution- 10 ICF CCE points- Discounted prices and unlimited, free group and comparison reports

What you get?
- Complete training and sales material - Your own online portal - 20 Global DISC credits (worth £1940) - Live sales webinar after the training with our Master Trainer- Your own, co-branded promotional video- 20% discount on upgrading to the Intelligent Global Leadership program by completing the Bamboo Strong module within 6 months (£600 instead of £750)
Secure your place by registering and paying the £190 deposit. For any questions please email janos.laincsek@icqglobal.hu
What leading experts think about it? 
“Global DISC is a powerful tool for Intelligent Leaders to leverage personal and cultural differences for competitive advantage, to enable trust and to build high-performing teams at home and globally.”
John Mattone, the #1 Authority on Intelligent Leadership and the World’s Top Executive Coach, Steve Jobs’ former coach
"Bridging the gap between our intention and the actual impact on others is the foundation of great leadership. Global DISC makes this process clear and highly actionable.”
Marshall Goldsmith - Only two-time Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the world.
“The Platinum Rule® model spans all cultures BUT it is important to remember that people around the world are socialized into a certain preferred way of behaving and The Global DISC model explains why. It is a practical framework based on the most researched cross-cultural models to explain how national, cultural values and beliefs shape our behavior."
Dr. Tony Alessandra, author of The Platinum Rule®, Hall of Fame keynote speaker, Top 50 marketing expert in the world