13. September 2019 - 11:00 till 12:00
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Guided Meditation To Bless Mother Earth and Your Projects (Fridays) | Friday, 13. September 2019

Join us for our free online Guided Meditation.https://zoom.us/j/4583289936The purpose of this meditation is Blessing Mother Earth by becoming a channel of Light Love & Power.
Benefits of Meditation:- Recharged Body and Improved Health- Sense of Peace and Happiness- Better Self Esteem- More Harmonising Relationships- Sharper and More Intelligent Mind- Increase of "Good Luck"- Increased Energetic Sensitivity and Clairvoyance Ability- Improved Intuition
When we bless every person, every being on earth with love and light, peace and joy, hope and faith, we will see that even in difficult situations you will find help, hope, and peace.