09. February 2018 - 18:00 till 21:00
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How To: Become A Vegetable | Friday, 09. February 2018

Come and learn How to Become a Vegetable - Join us for the event of a lifetime.

🍆 Inflatable Vegetables 🍆
🥕 David Dickinson 🥕
🍅 Balloon Drop 🍅
🥒 Come Dressed as a Vegetable 🥒

This is a night where we will be merging a spectrum of the weird, wonderful and the down right outrageous for a spectacle you don't want to miss. This is an experience like no other!
  • Cheers for this Samuel Telfort
  • I see the date has changed, where is the event taking place as I have always felt like I was born a vegetable in a human body and would like to take part in this event supporting veg-gender rights
  • So excited for tomorrow guys x
  • Selling one ticket, first release! Hit me up! Gutted I can't make it :(
  • James Carruthers Matt Adams Jeremiah Donald Kadhum Hasson Adam Craig Stuart Hutchison one of yous do lifts?
  • Moshers
  • A spoon of ket is an easy way to become a vegetable
  • Want to go together Andrew Brown?
  • Thomas Camilleri for DLS Council tlaqna jew?
  • I am really looking forward to this event.ever since I was a boy I have always felt like a turnip trapped inside the toned muscular body of a handsome man.
  • Did somebody say NO VEGETALS
  • Jahan Ara Chughtai Saad Ayub We need to go
  • get the nans and psychedelics out Nikhil Ganguly
  • Oh it's a shame I can't go to this will be away that day 🤗
  • Plum Punjabi
  • can i master the mushroom so i can be with the fungis?
  • what if I am it already
  • Ellie Watkins I feel like this is the next step for you
  • Adam Goott
  • Jack Turton you've already mastered the cabbage
  • Take a load of drugs
  • Liam Probert
  • Cosette Schupfer can't believe you'll miss this
  • I pushed my brother down the stairs