25. October 2017 - 9:00
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Introduction to AMBA ACE Protocol community | Wednesday, 25. October 2017

This training topic covers essential information on Arm’s AMBA ACE protocol. System-level coherency enables the sharing of memory by system components without the software required to perform software cache maintenance to maintain coherency between caches. This course is aimed at anyone designing, verifying, or integrating ACE components into a system.
The course starts by providing a refresher on the underlying AXI protocol before giving an overview of the ACE protocol itself. It looks at the problems associated with delivering system-level coherency and how ACE provides hardware coherency protection.
Next, the course looks at the additional channels and signals that ACE provides to ensure this protection before moving on to look at some different transaction types with examples of coherent operations so you can see how the transactions are ordered.
Over the coming weeks the course will be expanded to cover additional topics such as exclusive accesses, how ACE support barriers, distributed virtual memory (DVM), and the subset of ACE, ACE-Lite.
A basic understanding of AXI is recommended.
The course is relevant to anyone designing, verifying, or integrating ACE components into a system.
Delivery Method:
2 hours

AMBA’s evolution
AXI review
AXI features
No coherency
Coherency solutions
Cache line states
Coherent reads and writes

Channels and signals

ACE channels
Additional channel signals
Shareability domains
ACE transactions
Snoop response signaling
Extra RRESP bits
**** and ****

Transaction flow

Shareable read - miss
Shareable read - hit
Shareable write - write-back caching, full line.
Shareable write - write-back caching, partial line
Shareable write - write-through caching
Two ReadUnique transactions to the same line

Coming soon...

DVM transactions

Language: This course is presented in English.
Delivery Method: Bitesized video content
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