08. September 2013 - 1:00
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IRISH LIFE AND ME (The Book) | Book Launch Coming to a Town Near You | Sunday, 08. September 2013

Some Commentary and Reviews on "Irish Life And Me"
“This book is for ‘REAL (LIFE IRISH) CRIME’ fanatics like myself. I was engrossed and captivated from start to finish. It would make for a blockbuster movie! This is a real page turner, with wonderfully shady characters going right to the top of the Banking and Government Cabal. I found myself chucking out loud on numerous occasions for the stupidity of what we normally perceive to be intelligent people falling apart when asked simple questions; they are paid handsomely to know the answers to. I cringe for the future of the People of our Island, unless everyone gets and reads a copy of this eye-opening book, and begins to get an understanding of the Institutional corruption that is endemic in the Banking and Political underworld that has run our People and Island into the ground”.- James L … Quick Office Supplies.
“Irish Life And Me is a letter by letter journey into the depraved world of banking and state corruption. A story that smells fresh of hellfire and brimstone, a fantastical tale”. – Charlie P … Westport, County Mayo.
“Truly every man woman and child should read this, I personally had to read it twice, very-very well penned. I hope this Book wakes the nation up. In the words of Luke Kelly … ‘What died the sons of Rosin’”. - Alan … First Online Radio.
"Irish Life and me, brings the reader to a cruel awakening, that so called pillars of society, as in banks, financial institutions, their regulators and government who are supposedly protecting the Irish people, are actively allowing and facilitating the banks to inflict untold financial misery and hardship on the people of Ireland, never mind the suicides they are responsible for. When will the people say enough?"  - Barney … Wexford homeowner.
This enlightening account of the nefarious financial world shatters our ignorance. Lack of information keeps us in the dark which is how they hold their power. This book shows how we can initiate change by first knowing the system. Challenging perceived authority requires dedication, information and application of the knowledge contained wherein Irish Life And Me is a must read for those who seek liberation from the shackles of the monetary system - The Girl Against Fluoride.