28. September 2019 - 10:30 till 17:00
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MILLENNIFEST Manchester | | Saturday, 28. September 2019

Celebrating the talent of today and tomorrow.

Millennials are taking over the world! This event is all about moving beyond the stereotypes, and celebrating the young leaders and influencers of today and tomorrow.
The theme of MILLENNIFEST 2019 is Talent: our programme of inspirational talks, skills masterclasses and policy workshops will explore what the future workforce will look like, and what this means for skills, education, and public leadership. We'll hear from people with real experience of what it takes to be a talented activist, entrepreneur or social leader.

11:00-12:00 | Talent! Vision for the future
What talents do millennials have and how can we mobilise them to shape the future? This session will feature lightning talks from national politicians, entrepreneurs and young leaders on how they envision "talent". We'll be talking labour markets, public life, politics and how we can build an inclusive society.

Kate Green, Labour MP and Equalities champion

Irini Papadimitriou, Creative Director, FutureEverything

Jay McKenna, Regional Secretary, TUC North West 

Caroline Macfarland, Director, Common Vision

Further speakers to be announced soon

12:00-13:00 | Policy Hackathon
These breakout round-tables will focus in on specific challenges and opportunities to make the most of #futuretalent. Facilitated by policy buffs and subject experts, each group will craft a creative policy proposal which will be presented as policy pitches in THE POLICY FACTOR! at 2.30pm.
Topics include (subject to change):

Beating the robots: Human talent in the age of automation

Jobs and skills in the low carbon economy

Making parity a reality: gender equality in the workforce

Talent and the future of civil society

Migrant talent: Making the most of a global workforce

Portfolio working, the gig economy and flexible working

Talent in local communities

13:30-14:30 | Lunch and Learn skills masterclasses
Designed to give you the know-how and techniques you need to make your mark in the workplace, social activism, politics and beyond. Our practical, hands-on skills masterclasses are hosted by our expert partners and guest speakers.
Topics include (subject to change):

How to set up a social enterprise

How to campaign for equal pay

How to master public speaking

How to influence policy change

How to make the most of your creativity

14:30-16:00 | THE POLICY FACTOR! Making the most of millennial talent
Drawing on Common Vision’s well-known flagship talent show-style format, we'll be asking a panel of expert judges and speakers the big questions about #futuretalent. Judges will present their vision for millennial talent and then offer constructive feedback on policy pitches from the 12pm Policy Hackathon. Think Dragon's Den but for policy.
The judging panel:

Mike Stubbs, Leading curator and digital arts specialist

Fey Ijaware, Founder, Code Possible and CodeandStuff

Richard Kilpatrick, Lib Dem councillor and Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Manchester City Council

Tallulah Eyres, Social mobility champion and Senior Executive Officer to the Shadow Secretary of State

Further speakers and judges to be announced soon

16:00-17:00 | Panel Predictions - Powering the Northern Powerhouse
What do the skills, interests and talents of the millennial generation mean for the future of the northern powerhouse?  What do young workers and residents expect of current and future politicians? How are emerging technologies and social trends powering the northern powerhouse, changing the way we 'do' work and engage with eachother?
Speakers include:

Neil McInroy, CEO, Centre for Local Economic Strategies

Clare Devaney, CEO, Citizen-i-LTD 

Kathryn Cheetham, Community champion and Director of Community Jelly

Further panellists to be announced soon