02. July 2019 - 17:30
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MindfullySTRONG: 10 week Course Summer 2019. | Room A204 Collegiate Hall | Tuesday, 02. July 2019

MindfullySTRONG is an integrated mindfulness and strength training programme. It is designed for people who wish to become fitter; both physically and mentally.
Through a combination of physical activity, meditation and mindfulness, MindfullySTRONG is a 10 week programme that brings together  practical mindfulness activities, associated philosophies and structured physical training. All activities will be mindful unlike most exercise programmes which are often mindless.
Each class is structured with  some grou pdiscussion and a short mindful movement warm up, followed by a strength circuit that is scaled to suit the ability and experience of each individual. Each session ends with a cool down and a short guided meditation. The programme also includes social elements through peer support, where participants are encouraged to support each other throughout their journey. 
MindfullySTRONG is a great way for those who are not used to regular structured training to become fitter and healthier. It is also suitable for those who have participated in mindfulness or physical training to a reasonable level previously. MindfullySTRONG is an open, friendly and enjoyable way to develop personally, physically and mentally.
We are running some free taster sessions over the first 2 weeks of September on Tuesday evenings. The programme will start officially late September and run until Christmas each Tuesday evening.
How would it feel to be mindfully stronger??  Come and find out!