04. February 2020 - 9:30 till 13:30
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Mini-MECC (Making Every Contact Count) - Livewell Southwest | Tuesday, 04. February 2020

We are no longer taking booking for these courses via Eventbrite. Please follow the link below to take you to our new course booking site with our partners Livewell Southwest Academy.
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This accredited* training develops your skills and confidence in supporting people to improve their own health and wellbeing. The main focus is ‘healthy conversation skills’ – sensitive listening and asking – which can help people to change their behaviours.  This course is suitable for all.
Making Every Contact Count (MECC) is about using our everyday encounters with other people to support healthier lifestyles. MECC is not about telling other people ‘what to do’ - and you’re not being expected to do extra work. MECC is based on having brief empathetic conversations - which can help support a person’s motivation to change.
The training consists of 1 x 3 hour sessions, and some simple e-learning modules (of about 90 minutes duration) which are undertaken after the course in your own time.
*Training accredited as “Introduction to MECC” by the Royal Society for Public Health, via Public Health England and Health Education England (Wessex)).

Learning outcomesThe session will equip participants with a range of specific MECC skills that will enable them to deliver MECC confidently and consistently well. At the end of the session, participants should be able to:
• Understand the importance of healthy lifestyle choices and their role in health improvement;
• Identify key messages (on smoking, healthy eating/healthy weight, responsible drinking, physical activity, and mental health and emotional wellbeing);
• Use communication skills that will enable them to raise an issue, open up a conversation and assess a person's readiness to change the health-related behaviour;
• Use a range of health behaviour change techniques (including basic motivational interviewing techniques);
• Deliver brief advice and brief interventions;
• Signpost clients to local healthy lifestyle services & support; and
• Feel confident that they can apply the training in practice.
The full MECC course (https://livewellsouthwestmecc.eventbrite.co.uk), which takes place over two sessions one week apart, offers more opportunity for discussion, practice and reflection regarding the critical “healthy communication skills” which are so crucial to MECC.
Who can attend?
• MECC is for everyone (aged 16 or over) – who have contact with the public and who wish to develop and practice their skills in this important area
• Individuals, carers, veterans & serving personnel, community groups, teams or organisations, including those working or caring in community, voluntary, health & social care services & education
• Anyone living or working in or around the Plymouth area.
How much does MECC cost?Training is delivered free of charge.
Cancellation Policy:
If the workshop is cancelled by Livewell Southwest, you will be offered a place on a course on an alternative date. In the event of participant’s non-attendance or a cancellation within 14 working days before the beginning of the course, an admin fee of £10 is chargable subject to our discretion.
If you have any further queries or problems please contact us on 01752 437177 or email Livewell.training@nhs.net