06. October 2018 - 10:30
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New Systemic Reading Seminars First Saturdays in MANCHESTER 10.30 - 12.30 | | Saturday, 06. October 2018

Dear Colleagues,
You are invited to participate in a 10 session reading seminar which addresses some of the most important philosophical and theoretical developments relevant to systemic practice since Gregory Bateson, Humberto Maturana and the subsequent linguistic turn.
The reading groups will provide an opportunity for systemic practitioners to discuss paradigm shifts in the social sciences and humanities which challenge how we might currently conceptualise humans and human systems.
The reading will include texts from the fields of New Materialism and Indigenous Knowledge literature and will include the philosophical writings of Rose Braidotti, Karen Barad, Wanda Pillow, D. Soyini Madison, Cynthia Dillard, Donna Haraway, Gilles Deleuze, ‎Félix Guattari and others which propose:

‘Man’, human, as a concept needs decentring in how we understand the world. The idea that ‘man’ could get control of the planet is flawed, narcissistic and destructive. The naming by palaeontologists of this era as the Anthropocene persuades us to challenge how we have separated humans from our environment.
This requires deconstructing the binary notion of animate and inanimate, ideas of where knowledge and knowing is and is not apparently located. All matter is living matter. All matter has contextual intelligence and has contextually responsive know-how. How might we understand our (intra-)inter-connection with other living systems?
Neither are we humans separate from our technology. To be human means to be involved with and controlled by technology. What does that mean for how we understand what it means to be human?

We will discuss the implications of these ideas for systemic practice and see how we might develop critical and fresh philosophical and political underpinning for systemic practice.
The reading seminars will take place monthly online (1.5 hrs) or in London and Manchester (2 hrs) between October 2018 and July 2019 (except January). There will be about eight people in each group. Each seminar will be facilitated by a member of the University of Bedfordshire's Professional Doctorate in Systemic Practice course team.
A reading list will be sent to you after you register. You will need to download or purchase two or three books but articles will be made available. CPD certificates will be issued.
The total cost for the 10 reading seminars on Saturday mornings in London or Manchester is £300.
There are 20 free places for fully qualified systemic practitioners who cannot afford this fee. Please write to pdsp@ stating in two sentences why you are applying for a free place.