13. August 2018 - 19:00
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Online - Gritty Mind Tidy | | Monday, 13. August 2018

Our on-line Gritty Mind Tidy is a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity of self development. This 4 week programme will truly transform the way you operate in the world.
You see the world as you are, not as it is. How do you see your world today?
Once you've experienced this four-week program, I guarantee that you will see the world differently.
In your new world, you will operate with confidence and positive responses, which will impact behaviours, actions and ultimately the results and achievements you desire.


During this Online course We work with your psychology and physiology creating experiences to allow you to truly connect with yourself and understand your purpose.
You will gain an understanding of what Emotional Intelligence is, and how taking back control of your own emotions can reduce pressure and stress.
You will understand your limiting beliefs and how you can turn them into enabling beliefs.
You will understand how you can work in harmony with your unconscious mind.

Our online course is full of 'real life' tools and techniques to help you to help yourself....de-stress and recharge It's challenging to pour form an empty cup!


Access to our four week course for a full year, enabling you to return and refresh as many times as you like throught that year.

Unlimited e-mail support from Kay and the team.

Access to our exclusive Gritty Academy Community where you will be supported on your journey by likeminded people on similar journeys and through webinars with Kay and the team.

Access to never before seen Gritty people content

But most importantly A new and empowered mindset!


Our online academy makes the gritty mindset accessible to everyone, everywhere at the touch of a button, through a series of personal development on-line workshops.
This unique never seen before content will be brought to you through video, reflection activities, podcasts, habit creating action plans.
Plus exclusive entry to our Academy community, where you will be supported through your journey via content rich webinars from Our founder and Managing Director Kay and her team.
Access to the above for a year, all for the introductory price of £39.99 per course.