04. April 2021 - 15:00
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premium parents | Snowhill education centre | Sunday, 04. April 2021

Hello, this event is REGULARLY. contact me on 07984229889 or micheles.wright@yahoo.co.uk

Its new its innovative and evolving.
For people with children perhaps you have hopes and aspirations for your family and would like some support ALL THE EEEEES
Economy developing your family on a budget food and clothes reduced prices where to shop well etc hints tips and trips.
Education supplentary and complimentary education in a holistic manner
Employment work place creche for self employed 
this  a new concept where children are nurtured and developed over a number of years it's a long term mentoring program for the whole family and we offer lots of fun activities.
It will be somewhere to go and something useful to do on a regular basis.
come and find out more about me and what I do and why!
look forward to seeing you there.
children welcome of course
First events for international womens day and for mothers day
We will meet and discuss
raising children being a woman and how to cope with all the challenges of modern society is one of the first discssions and then actions will be put in place we are a doing group not a talking group.