06. July 2019 - 10:30 till 16:00
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Project Recovery Family Support Volunteer Training | NishkamSWAT HQ (Next to Sira Cash & Carry) | Saturday, 06. July 2019

NishkamSWAT has recognised that alcohol and drug abuse is an issue within our community. Project Recovery has been initiated to provide support and guidance to those who are:

trying to overcome an alcohol/drug addiction

family and friends affected by someone else's addiction. 

In addition to Project Recovery Helpline, we will have specialist family support volunteers who will provide one-to-one support to family and friends who are impacted by someone else's alcohol or drug addiction. 
(To become a family support volunteer you must have been directly impacted by someone else's alcohol/drug addiction)
Prior to volunteering as a Family Support volunteer, volunteers will be required to complete the Family Support Training and an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. 

The one-day training course will outline the following information:

What Project Recovery is and how it will operate

your role as a Family Support volunteer

details of the support and guidance NishkamSWAT can provide to those in need

The day will also include interactive elements, that will enable volunteers to gain an understanding of the type of calls they can expect to manage. 

If a volunteer application form and DBS check has not been initiated prior to the training these will need to be completed, while at training. In which case you will be required to provide two forms of identification e.g. driving license, passport or a utility bill (within the last three months). 
Refreshments will be provided, however, volunteers will be required to bring their own lunch. Only vegetarian food can be brought into the training centre. 
WHERE ARE WE?As you drive onto Springfield Rd, a few hundred feet to your left is Sira Cash & Carry; turn left into the Sira Cash & Carry car park. Next to Sira's on the left in the same compound is another warehouse; the entrance for the training is on the side of the warehouse. A big red shutter will be partly open for you to come in. As you walk through the warehouse you will see a staircase near the back on the left, please come up, this is where the training will take place.