26. February 2018 - 9:00
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Protest Trump's visit | Monday, 26. February 2018

Put the date into your diaries: If Donald Trump attempts to sneak into the UK to open the US Embassy on 26/27th February 2018 and also pop into see Theresa May at Downing Street - he will be met by a million of us attempting a citizens arrest of him for incitement to racial hatred.
  • Crimes against all life on earth and beauty is even more pertinent because he is a climate change denier and actively destructive
  • Does anyone here have any evidence of Donald Trump being a racist? A liar? A cheat? Or is this just a page for childish name calling? Has anybody mentioned the rising economy in the U.S during Trumps 6 months? Or that he is the only politician that is actually delivering what he promised during his campaign?
  • Definitely Interested I hate the racist ****
  • I want to come from Exeter. It's so worth it to stand up to and demonstrate freely against this ignorant mysogynistic racist thug. I hope there are some coaches going from here
  • Can anyone tell me if it 9 am or pm thanks
  • Please can we have people giving speeches from all over the UK? When we protested his Muslim ban, lots of different cities attended. I spoke at the Preston one where we had 450 people in attendance. Please can the organisers contact those who arranged the last protest? Thanks.
  • Sorry, I will not be able to be there due to medical treatment,,,,but,,, I whole heartedly support this cause !
  • I think The best way to show trump how we feel about him as a country and a proud nation is to have the streets bare and empty .no one line or protest no police lining the streets . This is a president that's all about the show and the more people protest the more he loves the publicity . The city should be a ghost town- not reporters no news coverage . NOTHING as this is what this man deserve and doing this will annoy him more as we're not giving him what he wants . He is not worth the time or the news coverage or energy people will waste on him as he will revel in it .
  • you pathetic ****
  • Wouldn't make London but if he tries then we'll be showing our displeasure at the consulate in Edinburgh too.
  • Going to try my hardest to make this!
  • We’re running a yoga retreat in Kerala that week! Will be there in spirit
  • Pam Bircumshaw you up for this?
  • Can we please combine this with this event? The best possible response to his visit. https://www.facebook.com/events/1884567655124528/
  • I can't wait till trump and the rest of his cabinet is impeached and tried for treason along side of all the other criminal activites that were carried out by him and those that follow him. USA has become a long standing joke because of his actions and the actions of his staff in the white house.
  • Going to be very interesting as I see Britain First the far-right group have organized an event and they will be there welcoming Donald Trump at the US Embassy.
  • No Donald, no!
  • Definitely going and dragging many friends too - I loathe this dangerous *****
  • Make the number astronomical.This is something the powerless can do.
  • Thanks for setting up this event page. It would be even better if the title was in proper English; please consider correcting it! Owen Jones, Stop Trump
  • I hope a good number of demonstrators, say maybe a million people, show their rump to Trump.
  • I live off a student grant so my attendance will be taxpayer funded 🤑
  • If May thinks she is going to get a great trade deal, she is wrong. Any trade deal that is great for Trump benefits nobody else.
  • We all should all stand up to this dangerously deranged psychopathic business man, who unbelievably is the US president. We need to show are anger and total disappointment in Theresa May's government for sanctioning his visit. This man is bad, maybe even mad and it saddens me that US citizens are so upset with political elite they chose to elect him. Donald Trump you are not welcome.