21. May 2018 - 19:00
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Support us by taking part in a SleepEasy Sleepover Event! because one night really can make a lifetime of difference!
We are asking you to hold your own SleepEasy SleepOver to help raise funds to continue the work we do with the homeless.
You can hold your event at your local church, school, workplace, college, home or any other safe place. Simply find a venue and some willing participants. Once you have registered, you will be emailed information to help you hold your event, and a link to set up your own fundraising page.
Last year, even though we provided 45,000 bed nights of supported accommodation – we need to do more. Here are a few examples of how your participation and fundraising will help:

£15 – Homeless people with pets find it even more difficult to find somewhere to live. With advice from the Dogs Trust, we have set aside two rooms for people with pets.

‘People told me that having my dog was holding me back, but she was everything to me and having lost everything else, home, job, possessions – I couldn’t bear to lose her too’.

£15 – For a person who has been living rough on the streets, simply keeping warm, clean and dry is almost impossible. The funding we raise from the SleepEasy will provide food, a fresh towel, and toiletries, forming part of our emergency support package.

‘It was great to have a shower and freshen up after spending a few nights on the streets’.

£30 – Our hostels are almost always full, but we recognise the urgent and immediate need for some people with literally nowhere to go but the streets. For this purpose, we keep available a room for an emergency. This room is available every night of the year, and is offered to vulnerable people who would otherwise be sleeping rough. We do not receive any funding for this room, so your fundraising will help us rescue a homeless person from the danger and loneliness of sleeping on the street.

‘I will always be grateful to the YMCA for being there when I needed them. Without them I don’t think that I would have got my life back on track’.
Our message is simple – sleep rough so others don’t have to!