25. October 2018 - 10:30 till 14:45
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Travel fraud prevention round table - UK & Ireland | Luton Academy Office, Luton Airport | Thursday, 25. October 2018

This FREE event organized by Perseuss and easyJet will allow all attendees to participate in the conversation about fraud prevention. How can we help each other fight fraud and how can available tools support this?
The goal is to unite regional travel companies in fighting travel fraud together and this edition will be focused on the UK & Ireland.
During the event you will hear about how easyJet uses Perseuss in everyday practice to reach their fraud goals. We will explain how Perseuss works, how it can be integrated in your automated and manual processes and of course what the results are. By sharing this real-life example, we hope to help other stakeholders fighting fraud to reach their goals as well.
The events key elements will be: 

Sharing experience between fraud prevention industry stakeholders in the UK and Ireland
Sharing global and regional best practices
Presenting key data outcomes of the Perseuss database for 2018
Raising awareness of available fraud prevention tools in the market 
Discussing opportunities in fraud prevention

For all non Perseuss community members: we would like to do a brief introduction before the actual event. Perseuss will contact you after we’ve received your registration for the event.