17. January 2038 - 11:00
New New York
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Travelling Back In Time to Stop Donald Trump Becoming President | Sunday, 17. January 2038

Friends, Scientists, People of Facebook... The year is 2038. Grand Emperor President Donald Trump has now been President for 20 years having taken the authoritarian step to stop anyone less qualified than him becoming President. It's a meritocracy after all where those who work the hardest win! *The President decides who's the most qualified to be President. His plan to Make America Great Again has worked. Everyone now unanimously agrees that America is great. Anyone who disagrees has been shipped back to "where they came from".

I'm inviting you to possibly the most important event of the milennium - the event to travel back in time to STOP DONALD TRUMP EVER BECOMING PRESIDENT IN THE FIRST PLACE. Let's all get together to vow to join in on this important cause.

*Note - This event only applies in timelines where Donald Trump does in fact become President.

** Possibly satire. Have no voting rights in the US.