07. November 2019 - 10:00 till 22:00
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#truLondon10Y | Thursday, 07. November 2019

10 years of #truLondon can mean only one thing. A huge get together for everyone who has been involved in taking #trulondon to this milestone. Hats off to you all!
We have booked an iconic location in the East End of London to mark the occasion. We will be hosting 100 tracks between 10.00 and 5.00. As always, the content of those tracks are up to you. If you have a topic, book a track leader ticket and let us know the title. The first 100 tracks get allocated. There is no powerpoint, and plenty of space.You decide what you would benefit from talking about, the wisdom you have to share or the debate you want to have. This is YOUR event!
We will also be hosting a #SourceLab for sharing sourcing hacks and tricks. If you have something to share, book in a #SourceLab ticket and let us know the title of your session. For #SourceLab there will be a screen.
For product companies we will also be running the ever popular Show & Tell sessions. 20 minutes to discuss and show what you do. To book one of the 32 slots book a Show & Tell ticket and let us know what you do.First come first served.
In addition we have London Street Artists putting together a live installation titled: "The Future Of Work." These are some of the top names on the London Art Scene. If you like street art you will love this.
A live hackathon for your tech teams focusing on building a product withaccessibility and inclusion in mind. To take part book a hackathon ticket.
For the evening entertainment we have booked a great singer songwriter, and live comedy. For anyone who has always wanted to do a bit of stand up. We will be running a one day stand up course on the 6'th with the Laughing Horse Comedy Club, with a 5 minute open mic slot on the 7'th. 12 slots available. Let me know if you want to book in.
For Start Ups there will also be Investor speed dating by popular demand.
Lunch & Dinner is included, with Bagels from the Bagel Shop, Fish & Chips (of course), and Curry.
Bar by Montys (where we will be hosting an after party.)
Ticket is by invite, first to all those who have previously supported us. There is security due to the venue, and you need a ticket to get in. You have access to this page because you are invited. Invites stay live for 2 weeks, then we work down the list.
As always, we don't want cost to exclude anyone. That means tickets are by donation. Please bare in mind that we are paying for venues, entertainment, lunch and dinner, coffee and a whole lot more when you make donations. Attendance is capped at 300. The average donation for those who ask, is £60 for participants and £120 for Show & Tell. Of course we welcome more if you can afford it, and if you can't, give what you can.
I know this will be a great day & night, and a tribute to 10 years. Remember, the invite is open for 2 weeks and is not published to the public.
Accessibility is important to us, diversity & inclusion not just as a topic. If you have ANY requirements let us know and we will do everything we can to make your experience a good one.