12. May 2018 - 12:00 till 23:59
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Under the Castle Family Fun Day - Saturday with Dr & the Medics | Saturday, 12. May 2018

On 12th May 2018 we're holding a fundraiser for a kids football club in Bolsover, Derbyshire to help pay their fee's for the year.

Tickets are on sale for £10.00 per person, for the full day with a limited number of camping spots available for Friday & Saturday night for a further £10.00 per pitch..

Bands confirmed so far:-
Dr & the Medics
Sons of Clogger
Blue Carpet Band
Star Botherers (Full Band)
Star Copiers

There is a second event for the Friday before ........ with a bit more of an adult theme (a bit more swearing etc).
  • Do you have to pay for younger children ( 3 and 4 years ) ??
  • 1st 100 tickets Discounted price available till end of January, inbox me if you want some
  • We are hoping we can convince the Sh*t Covers Band / xFD to do a second gig at this event to raise money for the kiddies - what d'ya reckon?
  • Please like and follow this page to get regular updates :-) x
  • Hi, we've just been asked if this event is still happening? Well yes it is, apologies for not updating earlier but we will get a "page" up as soon as possible where we can post regular updates to both this event and the "Friday night before" event :-)
  • Is this event still happening?
  • Would be rude not to ! 🤣
  • Am liking this ...thinking part 2 of my 40th birthday celebrations ,it's a big birthday 2 celebrations is reasonable right ?! X
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