18. October 2018 - 19:00
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Webinar: The Well-Being Lead Diploma | Manchester | Thursday, 18. October 2018

This course is tailored to your particular circumstances. It is open to teachers and support staff, including HR directors. Its completion deadline is two terms from the start date which is the first day of the next half-term or term, whichever appropriate.
Well-Being Lead Diploma: Overview

100% Online Learning

Unlimited online tutor support via email

Scheduled online meetings via Zoom Video Conferencing (frequency to be negotiated)

Delivery of school-based project: either wholly staff-based or combination of staff and pupil wellbeing

Project documented in a journal. This can be in any format which is appropriate and relevant to your topic, role and context. It does not need to be completely written in continuous prose – bullet points are acceptable. There is no minimum or maximum word count. The project journal can be produced in Word, Publisher, Pages or Google Docs and submitted through the Teach Well Coach platform.

Record authenticated by Headteacher’s statement and signature

Coaching, communication, document, record submission, and tracking of progress through ‘Teach Well Coach’ one-to-one support platform

 Assessment Criteria
The assessment criteria are designed to give you maximum flexibility. The emphasis is on the delivery of a practical project which improves wellbeing in your own school. While staff must be included, the project can also include pupils.
Your journal will include:

A project record, clearly demonstrating that you led and implemented a wellbeing project in your school, including:

Why the project was chosen

How it was planned

What the project included

When the project was delivered

How the project was delivered

The outcomes of the project i.e. what could be ‘seen’ to be different in the school’s approach to staff (and pupil) wellbeing as a result of its delivery.

Evaluation of the project (e.g. survey of participants; interviews with participants; focus groups; measurement of ‘before’ and ‘after’ outcomes)