03. September 2018 - 13:00
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YOGA for Healthy Lower Backs - 12 Week Course | Birmingham - Burton - Stafford | Monday, 03. September 2018

Got back pain? Does it affect you at work and home?  Are you ready to find a solution where you can manage your pain at home by yourself?
Come and join us for a Yoga For Healthy Low Backs Course.
Low back pain is a common problem and group yoga can provide a cost-effective solution.  Now there is an evidence-based way to improve back health and function – the specialised 12-week ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ programme gently and progressively gets people back to being more active and teaches them to relieve stress and tension.  It is unique with its evidence-base and specificity.  It is standardized, but allows for personalization, and is designed to be appropriate for beginners with this long-term condition.  This ‘best-practice’, quality-assured, fully-resourced and regulated yoga programme is available in the UK.  
The University of York’s York Trials Unit in The Department of Health Sciences, ran the most significant and largest (313 NHS GP patients) multi-centred randomised controlled trial on yoga to date.    The ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ programme was proven to be 30% better than usual care.  Comparative to other rigorously-tested treatment options, results for the yoga programme were better than manipulation by physiotherapists / chiropractors/ osteopaths, exercise taught by physiotherapists, manipulation plus exercise, cognitive behavioural therapy, an educative book, massage, and six individual Alexander Technique Lessons.  This research was funded by the charity, Arthritis Research UK, who support the ‘rolling out’ of the programme.
This 12-class yoga programme works for the long-term and is enjoyable.  Participants are encouraged to bring postural improvements and mindfulness into their daily lives and are motivated to practise at home.  In the trial, improvements were still found a year after starting yoga, and 60% of the trial’s yoga group were continuing to practise for 30 minutes twice a week at home nine months after ending their yoga course.  Home practice is likely to benefit their longer-term general physical and mental health.
The research’s published health economic paper showed that treating patients with episodic and recurring low back pain with this specific yoga course would be cost-effective for the NHS.  For the workplace, it saved £816 per person (based on average salary and after paying for the course at an estimated cost of £292).  The yoga group had 70% less days off work over the 12 months (mean of 3.83 v. 12.29), demonstrating its self-management and work absenteeism reduction potential.
Professional yoga teachers with additional training through the ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Institute’ (accredited by UK yoga governing body British Wheel of Yoga as a ‘Recognized Centre of excellence in training and standards) are teaching these gentle ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ courses throughout the UK. 
Course includes:
The course consists of 12 1:1 or Small Group Yoga Sessions split over 2 terms of 6 sessions each. 
Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs Book
Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs Relaxation CD
2 x 1:1 Personal Review Sessions
Please get in contact 0771 757 0884 if you would prefer to pay for your sessions by BACs or Cheque. 

Here is some case study feedback from course participants. 
Yoga trial participants – their stories
Hazel Cleather, 58 years Hazel’s back problems date back to when she was 35 years old.
“I had a very stressful full-time job and one day felt something just go in my back,” says Hazel, from Sheriff Hutton in North Yorkshire. “Despite this, I still drove over two hours to Manchester for a meeting. When I got home I literally collapsed in the bathroom and was prescribed valium and bed rest for over three weeks.” Hazel then suffered another severe episode of back pain eight years later and has had recurrent problems ever since. “When my back goes I’m literally not able to move for several weeks,” says Hazel. “However that’s not happened to me since I did the yoga programme. I still do a few of the exercises nearly every day. If I don’t do them, my back gets worse. “Yoga gave me a way of controlling my back problems and I know what to do if my back starts to get bad. If it does, I do extra exercises and my back gets better quite quickly – before it was weeks before it got better. I’d say my back is as good as it’s been for 20 years. “Yoga started me down a track that said ‘there is something you can do about it’. For a completely different reason, I was also referred to a physiotherapist just after the yoga programme and also do exercises given to me by the physiotherapist. Both of them are about self-help.” As an acupuncturist, Hazel is a great believer in complimentary medicine and says she embraces a plethora of different treatments. “Although I don’t do yoga classes, the yoga exercises I do at home help keep me functioning. I use them to relax me and to get me going again when I feel back problems starting.”
Kevin Hall, 51 years After injuring his back 15 years ago, Kevin from Dunnington, North Yorkshire suffered recurrent back problems. “My back could be aggravated quite easily and I’d pursued different ways of fixing it,” says Kevin. “The 12-week programme was my first experience of yoga and after the three months I felt more positive as I realised that I could take control of the problem. I enjoyed the relaxation side too and found it a much more holistic mode of care than I had experienced before. “I learnt quite a few exercises that I could use during the working day, whether I’m sat in a meeting or on a bus. It taught me to look after my body better and to look out for the trigger points. “For me, yoga was a helpful stepping stone to recovery as I then went on to do pilates which I now regularly practice. I’m much more active than I was 10 years ago and am doing things I couldn’t do before. Because I know how to relax and stretch, I’m able to do a lot of sea canoeing – a decade ago I wouldn’t have believed I’d have been doing that now! “In the past I would be out of action for two or three months if my back went, but that doesn’t happen now as I know how to prevent episodes with focused exercises. I’m also not as reliant on painkillers as I used to be.”
Sue Faulkner, 68 years Sue retired from her job as an administrator four years ago with the intention of spending her time gardening. However, within six months of retiring her arthritis was so bad she found that walking any distance was painful and she needed to stop regularly to rest. Gardening was out of the question. “I’d done yoga before the 12-week programme but only on and off and not for a long time,” says Sue, from Bishopthorpe in York. “The yoga I had done in the past was mainly in connection with relaxation techniques to help me to cope with stressful situations. I had never thought of doing it for back pain until I saw the request for participants to take part in the programme. “I felt a definite benefit after the three-month programme as it made me more flexible and we were taught positions to relieve certain types of back pain. “I’ve continued going to yoga classes in the village where I live and still do the positions I was taught during the 12-week programme. Walking around is no longer a problem. I do my gardening now and am fine so long as I pace myself. I’ve even taken on an allotment with my daughter and son-in-law and no longer take pain killers.”
Paul Jenkins, 52 years “For me, the yoga course was an opportunity in a setting away from the norm to consider the back pain that I had suffered,” says Paul from Woodthorpe in York. “I’d always played sports to different levels, but this was something entirely different to anything I’d done before. “The key benefit for me was that it gave me an opportunity to think seriously about what had happened in the past with my back and how I could stop it happening in the future. To be honest, I’d not been giving my back due credit and looking after it. I had played sports all my life and still thought my body could do things it had done 30 years before.” Although Paul, who works for North Yorkshire Police as an internal investigator, has not practised yoga since the 12-week course, he says the legacy is a new-found respect for his back and much more awareness of his posture. “I really loved the yoga course and found the exercises very energising. It was also an opportunity to be calm; relaxing in a structured way was a real joy.”

Neil Tarbitt, 39 years Neil Tarbitt, an IT Test and Project Manager, says the yoga exercises he learnt as part of the yoga programme are helping him to live a normal life. “For years now, my back has stiffened up every few months, which then seems to throw my back out completely,” says Neil, from Strensall in York. “I enjoyed the yoga programme and my back has been much better since taking part as it taught me two or three useful stretching exercises which really help loosen up my back. Now when I feel a twinge and my back starts to stiffen, I know what to do. “Yoga has quite a subtle effect. As I do the exercises I can feel my back loosening and stretching, and then when I wake up the next day, I feel a lot better again.”
Amy – young gardener (originally from Cornwall) in her 20s Telephoned almost 5 years after trial classes Yes, I still do yoga regularly. It is amazing how effective it is and how it helps. I love it too. I do not think I could do the job I do now working at Kew Gardens.
Alan – ex-rugby player and coach, late 50s from Cornwall Telephoned almost 5 years after trial classes As you know I was a sceptic. I have much less back pain these days. I had a twinge the other day and I reached for my yoga practice sheets as I know it keeps me mobile.
Male – young postman from Cornwall in his 20s Telephoned almost 5 years after trial classes Yoga fixed my back. I admit I do not practise much, but when I feel stiff or feel I need yoga, I use the yoga I learnt. Brilliant and I tell everyone about it.
Female – office-worker from Cornwall in her 40s Continued with yoga classes after the trial I am so pleased to have everything at my fingertips that keeps me going in my life and also attending yoga classes that I know do me so much good – not just my back.