08. September 2018 - 15:00
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OSU Football 9/8 | Ohio Stadium | Saturday, 08. September 2018

 NEW- Report times listed are IN STAND times, NOT the time you show up at the gates.  PLEASE allow at least  30 minutes to park, walk to the stadium and then to the stand.  Check-in is in the south stands at gate 35 and our location is on the West side of C deck.  
Football must be filled a week in advance. The pass Gate list is due very early at OSU Stadium. Please sign up early.
 By signing up, you acknowledge you have read and agree with the following:
 Sign-up notes:

Event times listed are subject to change 
Arrival times will vary by event and assigned task 
Arrival times could be four hours prior to the event for some positions
RSA fundraising reserves the right to remove anyone from the list as needed or required for staffing levels or fairness
Valid photo id required at check-in

 Changes and cancellations:

If you need to cancel, you must find your own replacement
Canceling without providing a replacement:: $50,00 charge (2nd time: loss of fundraising privileges also)
No show / no call: $50.00 charge and loss of fundraising privileges
Notify Kylie of any changes 
If staffing levels change, more positions may become available or may be dissolved


If the event is full, an option for joining the Waitlist will be available
Sign-up for the Waitlist only of you can commit to work should a position become available
If you are on the Waitlist and a position becomes available, you will be scheduled, if needed.
Take clothes for dress code to work or leave them in your car so you are prepared if a position opens up
Waitlist scheduling will be in order of sign-up date/time while also taking into consideration the position available
If you are on the Waitlist and decide to work in place of a scheduled worker, please let Kylie know.
If you do not want to commit to work the event should position(s) open up, do not add yourself to the Waitlist.

 Dress code:

Pants: Black pants - no capri style, shorts, stretch pants or denim, no low waistline
Shirt: Provided by venue - must be tucked in and worn when in the stand - no exceptions
Hat and apron: Provided by Levy - must be worn facing frontward 
Shoes: Skid-resistant; tennis shoes work best; no open toe or heel;  no canvas  shoes; no crocks style shoes
Levy may fine or remove workers for dress code violations and may also fine the group

 Parking and Entering the Arena:

There will be traffic - leave ample time for arrival, parking & check-in (must be in the booth by scheduled time)
Some events will not specify parking and it is up to you to find a spot
Do not leave valuables in your car. OSU, Levy, and RSA are not responsible for damage and/or theft
Enter the stadium at the gate specified on the stand assignment email
The security person will check your name off the RSA list
Valid photo id required for everyone, including teens
Proceed to stand (Levy staff can direct you) - Lead needs to report to the office first

During the Event:

Please treat each customer how you would like to be treated as a customer yourself - and spending your money
Register workers are to be facing the register (not with backs to registers talking and socializing)
Happy customers return to our stand and spend more money (we are paid on commission, so keep them happy)
Wash hands often (wear food service gloves as necessary and required)
No cell phones or texting inside the booth (if you must take a call, let the booth lead know and leave the stand)
No eating or drinking in the stand (this is prohibited by the Health Department)
1 person on break at a time if staffing allows
Be sure to remove your apron anytime you leave the booth
For your own protection, if possible, do not bring your own cash to the event.

 End of event:

Everyone must participate in cleaning and end of event duties
Lead will coordinate cleaning and end of event tasks/duties
Lead is responsible for signing workers in and out on RSA Sign-in form
Leads & Help Leads are responsible to make sure stand is cleaned and all closing items have been completed. Any charges and/or fines caused from not completing tasks and/or not cleaning properly will be deducted from the event Lead and Help Lead.

Other Questions? - Contact Kylie at rsabooster@yahoo.com