22. October 2020 - 9:30 till 12:30
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Catheterisation Training | Room 1 | Thursday, 22. October 2020

Health Care Training Academy are offering the opportunity for qualified staff a catheterisation training.
Course Aim
To have a theoretical understanding of the process and necessity of catheterisation
Learning Outcomes

nderstand the anatomy of the male and female urinary systems. 
Know who can perform it, and when. 
Be aware of the conditions that would necessitate catheterisation. 
Know the different forms of catheterisation 
Be aware of the different materials used in catheters 
Understand how catheterisation is performed upon both the male and female anatomy 
Recognise the dangers of catheterisation 
Be aware of the symptoms of infections and haematuria 
Understand which documents will need to be filled  
Know how to correctly assess and notate the fluid balances of residents. 
Understand the procedure to take a urinalysis test.