05. May 2018 - 18:00
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Neck a bottle of White Lightning and chong ****. | Caludon Castle | Saturday, 05. May 2018

Just a great venue with great people. There will be a TWOC'd Honda Dog and rope swings available for all the guests. 2's, 3rds and Beef will be passed around on all cigarettes, sharings caring.
  • Ben Rowland
  • Will there be a crΓ¨che ??
  • Thank **** for the date change, should have me tag off by then. Chavtastic !
  • With regret, we have had to push the event back. The local chav pests we had hired, to scav quids and **** from people have unfortunately been double booked at a youthy disco at the Risen Christ community room, we feel this will take away far too much from the ethos of the event. BUT, we have lots more lined up... Blue Sony Ericsson K500i mobile phone giveaways (ft authentic nugget burns)! Mini Disc player handouts, fully loaded with Hit The Decks vol 1-10, SL2's Album and loads of Boyz 2 Men classics! Free blaaarps on our custom 50cc Honda Dogs through the bomb holes mud ramps! KEEP LOCKED
  • I'm highly disappointed in the change of date. What a mockery!! Plan B. Burges!
  • So glad you've changed the date I had a dt For calling breeda a slag for the original one
  • Is it only white lightening or can we bring frosty jack too
  • I suppose changing it to May means my B&H Gold *** won't get soggy in the rain and I can enjoy my white lightening without the stress of high winds on my back.
  • On it ? Charlotte Emma Longe
  • Has anyone told curly at the shop he’s gonna need massive stock of the old favorites cans of breaker white lightning mad dog 20/20 someone should let him know
  • 3.2k going. 14k interested!! Could make a few bob off this Luke!
  • Teenths of squidgy for sale on the night, page me
  • Anyone vaping will be immediately escorted off the premises
  • Hahahaha
  • I'm bringing 200 throat-ripper Camel black ****.
  • Is this still on?. **
  • Best be some Prodigy Out of Space playing!
  • New threads for the big day
  • Charlie ******* stay classy
  • Not long to go just been shambles to get my new spiffy jacket
  • Shane De-Hayes You still on it? Can't wait bro ⬜⚑ 😍
  • Joe Pole are you game?
  • Troy Gunner got a spare seat in the reliant robin if you fancy riding shotgun
  • No thunderbirds red/blue πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚