04. June 2019 - 9:30 till 10:30
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Back Pain Workshop | Beach Body Studio | Tuesday, 04. June 2019

Many of us experience low back pain at some point in our lives. There are multiple causes and contributing factors to low back pain - muscle strain, weakness and or immobility may be the culprit. Learn gentle exercises to improve mobility as well as strengthening exercises to improve stability.
Attendees will learn:
- Potential causes of low back pain
- How your spine works, and what is normal ageing
- How to interpret your X-ray and scan results, and why your doctor may have told you that an X-ray is unnecessary
- Strategies to help prevent low back strain including proper lifting and bending techniques
- Gentle stretches and exercises to help support low back
- Which complimentary therapies can be helpful
This workshop is intended to help support the low back area with exercises and stretches and is not intended to diagnose individuals or treat those who are currently in acute pain. We keep the number of attendees to six, to ensure everyone has the opportunity to discuss their own experiences and problems.
The workshop will be hosted by Sarah Bayliss and Sam Smart. Sarah is a licenced medical doctor and sports therapist and Sam is a graduate sports rehabilitator. They both have experience of treating and advising people with chronic low back pain, whether deskbound office workers, or heavy labourers.