09. May 2019 - 20:30 till 22:00
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Little Ed Fringe - We Are What We Overcome Podcast Recording | Derby QUAD | Thursday, 09. May 2019

Little Ed Fringe - Matt McGuinness - We Are What We Overcome - Podcast Recording. A podcast for starting an essential conversation about mental health, particularly for men. We’ve all faced mental health problems; we’ve told friends we’re “fine”, and just kept it all to ourselves… now it’s payback time. Blokes don’t like to talk about mental health, depression and ******* – they think they should suffer in silence, and we’re culturally encouraged to keep it that way. But mental health, like so many other taboo subjects, deserves to be held up to the light – and the microphone. We aim to lead by example, sharing our own challenges with mental health and treating them with humour, compassion and conversation. Welcome to our therapy session: thirty minutes of conversation, insight and comedy with a musician, an improviser, a comedian and a psychiatrist, in front of a live audience. The ridiculous idea that dying is preferable to talking will be laid on the couch to be prodded, poked and tickled. There might even be a song in it. We Are What We Overcome started as a song, became a live Edinburgh Fringe show, and is now a McGuinness - We Are What We Overcome Podcast Recording Thursday 9th May Quad Derby 8.30pm PWYFPresented as part of Little Ed Fringe Festival, programmed by Furthest From The Sea Music, Comedy and Arts CIC #LittleEdDerby