23. January 2019 - 11:00 till 12:00
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Shakti Belly Dance- 10 week course for begginers | Dublin Wellness Centre | Wednesday, 23. January 2019

During these 10 weeks, we will learn the basic movements of oriental dance looking also at our chakra system, which is closely linked to some of the movements we will be working.
The focus of this classes is on learning technique and integrate the basic movements through combinations and improvisations which will also allow you to discover your own style and express what your body wants to tell you.
The aim of this course is also to focus more on what is felt that what it is seen. Most of the improvisations will be performed with eyes closed to tune you up with your creative centre of expression.
This course is for women who wish to gain confidence and learn to express themselves through movement gaining awareness and deepening the connection between body-mind in a safe and non-judgmental environment.
Early Bird:(10 weeks): 90€**If paid in full by 03/01/2018. Payment can be done via: PayPal, Sum Up or Bank TransferAfter the 3rd of January:  Full term: 100€Drop In: 15 €
The early bird catches the worm! Pay in full by 3rd of January and benefit from a massive discount! 10 class term for only 90 €. Full-term after 3rd January 100€.
Terms & Conditions:
*These classes need a minimum of 4 students registered with full payment confirmed in order for the classes to go ahead. *Spaces are also limited so previous registration is essential to ensure your space in this class.
*We reserve the right to cancel the course and will provide a full refund if numbers are under the minimum required for this course.*Cancellation Policy: Refunds will only be made if more than 7 days notice is given previously to the starting date of this course. Refunds will not be provided if less than 1-week notice prior to the course is given.*The purchase of the full term/ class passes are not extendable or transferable to other workshops, courses or classes in the future to ensure the progression of the student. 
What can I bring to the event?
You just need to bring water to keep you hydrated and wear comfortable clothes! A great addition is a scarf! It is a great way to accentuate your hip movement whilst we dance.
You do not necessarily need to show your belly or bring a hip scarf with coins.
Email: to arrange other payment options and/or for more information.