25. September 2019 - 18:30 till 21:00
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Working With My Dreams | Macro Resource Centre | Wednesday, 25. September 2019

Dreams offer hidden pathways to our deepest and most intimate knowledge, and they are specially tailored for each and every single one of us. In the workshop you are invited to bring a dream that you wish to work on. Through the use of contemporary psychological techniques we will work towards making a connection between the dream and the message that your dream is carrying. The goals of the workshop are twofold. The first goal is to enable you to connect to the meaning of your dreams. Through this you will be getting in touch with what is currently present in your life but might escape your full awareness, and you will be given space to explore it. The second goal is to start demystifying the world of dreams and to start giving you the tools to be able to work with dreams on your own. In this workshop we will use non interpretative techniques (I will not interpret the meaning of the dream), we will rather work together so that the meaning of the dream can emerge through the dream exploration. At the end of the workshop you will be given tools that will help you to work with your dreams on your own.If you do not remember your dreams, but are curious about your dream life, don't worry! This is something that can be explored on the workshop.It is important to note that each participant has the choice to decide whether they want to work on a dream or not. It is ok to arrive and decide not to work on a dream and still participate, as there is a big learning there as well. If you do decide to work you will be the one deciding how far you want to take your dream exploration, it is ok to say, at any moment „I would like to stop here“, as it is to say „I am curious to explore this further“. If you are interested to get a better understanding of your dream life and explore contemporary approaches in working with dreams please feel very welcome to join us on this workshop.

Psychology, wellbeing