18. July 2020 - 11:35
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BAKERS FUNERAL | Glasnevin Cemetery | Saturday, 18. July 2020

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!!!!! (read into this what you will.

anyway once again I am predicting the date of my demise (not including a tragic accident involving an egg whisk or time travel).

I shall be taking bets on the day.


1, all mourners must attend in either Grim reaper outfits or nude (I think that will set the appropriate ambience nicely)

2, you must complete a triathlon including a swim in the royal canal between crossguns quay and the bachelor's factory in manatee costumes.

4, you must renounce the number 4-1 and all its evil deeds!

5, *** drugs and rock and roll are compulsory at the service and the first to molest the priest gets the special "irony" prize hidden under a specific grave in the cemetery.

Oh yeah bring cans.