27. May 2020 - 17:00 till 17:30
Helena Walsh Voice & Acting Studio, Dublin
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Coping in Crisis for Front Line Workers (Online) | Wednesday, 27. May 2020

Welcome to a tailored programme specifically designed for front line workers to sustain you through these exceptionally challenging times. This has resulted in extreme pressure on staff, services and patients.

Many of you are learning new systems, new ways and inventing as you go along. This demands high levels of focus, determination, stamina, resilience and creativity.

You have been forced to be part of this Covid-19 marathon and will need tools to sustain you through this. These sessions aim to provide you with hydration for your system, allowing you to wisely and intelligently pace yourself through the coming weeks and months so that you can be there for your patients.

Time is extremely precious so this programme has been designed to be delivered in manageable easy feel good 20 minute time slots.

They involve:

- Weekly online sessions from your phone or computer, where you will be guided directly in a session by Helena Walsh, leading expert in empowerment coaching.

- Guided session with optional feedback

- Connecting and enabling you to focus on things that feel good which will give you greater ease in challenging environments.

- Online weekly sessions, which will give you a sense of community that your current situation may be making more challenging.

- Being able to record your session each week and use it as an active support through the week.

*Support on one to one basis is also available through appointment.

The sessions will help you with the following:

- Remaining grounded for your patients who are in crisis

- Sustaining an agile and flexible mindset for problem solving and peer support

- Sharpen your focus and strengthen your resolve, when your patients feel stressed and anxious.

- Give you sustainable skills that you can implement immediately so that you can withstand the pressure

- Give you the ability to bridge your work life and home life so that you can rest with ease.

- Give you the ability to feel the security and safety your home life can provide at this time so that you can do your job.

- Gives you the opportunity to be part of an online community if you so wish.

Some of you will be doing this at home in isolation, some of you will be doing this having spent the day working, some of you will be doing this with symptoms of COVID-19. All are welcome and together you are stronger.

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Dates Every Wednesdays


5pm to 5.20pm (GMT+1)

Location Online.

Cost €10.00


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