01. October 2018 - 10:00
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HR Academy Dublin | The Jersey Suite | Monday, 01. October 2018

 HR Academy
 The HR academy is focused on those individuals who are currently working in a HR role regardless of qualification or length of experience.
 It focuses on continuous learning, upskilling HR professionals to be the best version of themselves in work, not just now, but ensuring they have the skills necessary for hr and people management of the future.  Our aim is to develop HR Professionals so that they continue to demonstrate the need for Human in Human Resources, especially with the rise of automation, and we strive to develop the leadership capability of HR Professionals to ensure that our profession demonstrate our validity and value and are at the top table on strategic decision making.
 HR Academy Community
 When you join the HR Academy you are part of the Prestige HR Academy Community for life.
When you join the programme, you will join our online network of HR Professionals, and will continue to learn from each other, and network with each other on whatever HR issue should arise. 
 Course duration is 8 months consisting of
 • Monthly learning session each month (4 hours)
• Workbooks will be provided• Slides will be provided• Monthly coursework must be completed to successfully complete the programme
HR Academy Modules
Module 1 Understanding YOU as a HR Professional
Module 2 Ensure Result Based Outcomes
Module 3 Leading through Change
Module 4 Equipping HR Managers with Mediation Skills
Module 5 Developing a Holistic Well-being Strategy
Module 6 Performance
Module 7 HR Business Partner
Module 8 The future of work
1st October 2018
1st November 2018
29th November 2018
13th December 2018
10th January 2019
7th February 2019
7th March 2019
11th April 2019
Time- 10am-2pm
Cost- 1400 euros +vat