03. August 2020 - 18:30 till 19:15
Yoga Pilates Fitter & Stronger Forever Clonsilla Blanchardstown Dublin 15, Dublin
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Online & Outdoor Gentle Vinyasa flow Yoga includes Relaxation | Monday, 03. August 2020

Did you recently gain weight? are you tired, stressed anxious, problems to fall asleep or to stay asleep? Migraines ? Are you suffering from any shoulders pain, lower back pain, Upper back pain? Are you feeling droopy, or perhaps a bit lazy lately? Are you worried & terrified about the future ? Are you worried about your health? Are you craving for sugar ? Did your Alcohol consumption recently increase ?

Energy is Power. The future is already planned for you to need more energy to become Superhuman because that is what we all secretly want you to become, don't we? Yoga is a discipline designed to make you regain the energy loss. Food & Alcohol will not help you, they will make you sicker and sicker. Come & Join us to regain this energy needed to fight for your survival with all the current changes happening that will keep on happening with or without you.

You can accept them or surrender to gravity .

This session is for you and will leave you relaxed restored, brand new and ready for a good night sleep.

Duration: 45 min

Early booking is fundamental to secure a space. Your first class is free with us by registering on Zoom. Once you are registered, give us a shout

Free registration here : www.yogafitter.com - 20% off

As teachers we need to teach in a way that reigns in new students from over-enthusiastically doing too much practice too soon and thereby increasing the risk for repetitive motion injuries. We should consider how important it is to “fix” things in our students’ practices. Changing too much too soon can also be a problem, as students’ bodies need time to absorb and adapt to corrections. We also need to check our own over-enthusiasm for “taking students deeper” and monitoring them via adjustments and assists.


Come to join us to find out at what level of healthy you think you are & what you actually are. We can accurately assess your health & bring some clear results in accordance with our multiple tips based on our lifetime experience. Don’t be shy.

About the Teacher:

This course will be taught by a Didi, a certified teacher 500 hours Yoga & Anatomy RYS Alliance Instructor

ISO 9002 from Jaipur, Agra, Jodhpur & Udaipur in India & Pilates Instructor from 200 hours from Josie Mckeylay UK Canterbury certification. After graduating, Didi first worked as a yoga instructor in Rathoath Manor home teaching yoga to Seniors sick people suffering from Dementia Focus care, Alzheimer, post convalescence. She has a degree in Philosophy & Nutrition from Paris and specializes in Lymphatic System Recovery. She is a true innovator in personal development. Her combination of yoga, psychology and neuroscience elevates personal growth as a lifestyle. As a sought after speaker & coach, She has been teaching for 3 years now, practicing Yoga for 12 years now and has more 25 years experience in the Fitness Industry.

Her classes are smooth and energetic, fun with a focus on Deep Lymphatic cleansing & Balance Correction, as well as Total Stress Relief.

We are all trying to adapt to every life that it is thrown at us. We are not living anymore the way our ancestors did, directly connected with the moon & the sun. Our computer screen is our main tool & the stress is sadly what we have been accustomed to caused by constant barge of technology meetings, meals on the go, Pollution & Traffic. We are sitting in our couch supported by our feet. We let our shoes support our feet. We can order food by a quick phone call & have it securely delivered to our door within the hour. We can find the full first world war story on google by clicking on 2 buttons. We don’t need to go shopping, as Amazon is taking care of it for us in 72 hours however we are not in Pr*son, are we? We are creating this Pr*son by the decisions we make. Who wants to be healthy? everybody wants to be but the term healthy means different things for different people. When we are referring to true health, how do we know if we have the health or not ? is it referring to how you look on paper ? Emotions are rejected in every single society out there and we are not trying to consider “how we feel” but “how you feel” is the first indicator on how healthy we are on a cellular level. You might feel pretty good most of the time but perhaps you might feel unable to move once or twice a year because you are asking your back to go beyond what it is able to do. Maybe you get headaches and keep aspirins at your desk in case it is needed. Are you suffering from constipation or digestive inexplicable troubles or do you have a tricked knee or foot or an habit to sprain your ankle?

We have a range of Yoga, Pilates classes to suit all levels.

Free registration here : www.yogafitter.com