23. September 2021 - 8:30
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Voice Therapy for a Confident You | | Thursday, 23. September 2021

Vocal challenges cause varying degrees of angst, embarrassment and stress in your personal life and career. Work on understanding the specific physical and psychological reasons that lead to diminishing and even eliminating your vocal impediments, to gain confidence to live the life you want.
Open to alll who want to improve their speach, singing and communicating through vocal and yoga therapy techniques. An accreditation exam is offered for those wishing to be recognised professionally.
Lunch and Refreshments Included each Day.

With expertise as a voice technician, her vocal development emphasises 50% on your physical instrument, 20% on your mindful determination of excellence, and 30% practising correct vocal techniques to increase your ability – proficiency.
Cilica’s method of vocal production and practice is to approach your vocal training from a holistic perspective based on your specific needs, for you to excel.
What you learn

How your anatomy produces speech, voice and singing
Extensive work and insights of your body to prepare your instrument for excellent speaking and singing to correct and eliminate speech and pronunciation challenges
Improved posture and movement, correct deep breathing for improved stamina and breath control to significantly improve speech and vocal tone
Enhance your vocal tone, timbre, timing and inflexions
Increased awareness of your personal space to protect your thought processes from being thrown off by intrusive, impatient responses from communicating interactions
How to relate and solve issues caused by other people’s rude and intolerant behaviours: over-speaking, interruptions, speaking for your, replacing your words and thinking for you.
Deepen proactive thinking and actions in tenuous and awkward situations where you remain calm, clear thinking on your feet.
How and when to use pauses for great results
Increase positive self-worth not hindered by your vocal challenges with gratitude and compassion
Tackle more challenging presentations, meetings, groups and performances with solid ground, ease of thought, and confidence.
Develop a ‘practice routine’ for your individual needs that include yoga, mindfulness, breathing exercises and meditation

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