30. October 2018 - 15:00 till 17:00
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World Stroke Day 2018 - #UpAgainAfterStroke | Bank of Ireland - Workbench | Tuesday, 30. October 2018

This years' World Stroke Organisation campaign is aimed to focus the world’s attention on what unites stroke survivors and caregivers, namely the resilience and capacity to build on the things that stroke can’t take away; determination to keep going on the recovery journey.

In support of the WSO's campaign we are welcoming stroke survivors, caregivers, and experts to come together to discuss the challenges of chronic fatigue post-stroke, and the resources available to help survivors return to work.
Topics to be discussed:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - What is it and how can I manage it?
Returning to Work - What are the resources available in helping survivors return to work?
A mobile app for CFS - Stroke survivor turned entrepreneur discussing her app for CFS

There are only 30 places available (including Caregivers) for this session. Please RSVP to secure your seat.

If you can't make it in person we will be streaming the discussion live on the Irish Heart Association facebook page: Life-after-stroke   
Also, if you'd like to share your story on the day of how chronic fatigue has played a part in your recovery, please reach out to the event organiser.