16. November 2017 - 16:30
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Lumiere Durham 2017 | Durham, Durham | Thursday, 16. November 2017

The UK's largest light festival.

Back in Durham for the fifth time, artists from around the world will illuminate the city in extraordinary and unexpected ways, bringing a series of light installations to explore.

Stay tuned for further announcements.


Produced by leading arts charity Artichoke, commissioned by Durham County Council.
  • Just got home from visiting Durham for the first night of the Lumiere and we all feel gutted that this years event was very disappointing. 2015 Lumiere was awesome & we’ve looked forward to tonight for weeks what a wasted journey. We won’t ever travel again to this event! 😞
  • Very disappointed with this year's Lumiere, all the previous events i have attended have been brilliant but unfortunately not this one.
  • Very disappointed with lumiere. We waited in the ***** for the cathedral with 4 under 2's for an hour (during the ticketed time). As we got near the entrance we noticed stewards had been lettinf people skip the ***** half way which was really annoying considering there were lots of families with young children patiently waiting. When we finally got in there was very little to see, so we followed crowds back out of the cathedral. At the exit we asked some stewards where the ticketed area was as we still hadn't shown ours and hadn't seen much in the cathederal. We wanted to know where the main area was, and were directed to the market square where there was one main light feature, then we were told there was more at the cathedral. There was no chance we were queueing again. We spent most of the night on a wild goose chase, asking stewards for direction, who had no idea themselves where things were.
  • Please try the Botanic Gardens, really magical.
  • Some great stuff
  • Some great light art this year
  • Different from previous Lumiere events, but there were some very good installations, particularly Horizontal Interference at The College, and Harmonic Portal at Castle Chare.
  • Any chance of the programmes being on sale somewhere on North Road? Seemed crazy having to go to the busiest part of the city to get one then return to the Miners Hall for probably the best piece in this year's Lumiere.
  • First visit, was really looking forward to the event, came home very disappointed.
  • This is my first lumiere and I have to say it was terrible. Very few things of interest. Hardly any actual light displays. Waited for almost 45 mins to get into the cathedral to then feel very deflated. A few dim white lights shinning up on the roof and some white lollipops on the grass and then out in less than 5. Almost feel like demanding our train fare back!!
  • 1st visit to Durham Lumiere
  • One of my favourites ❤️🎶
  • Very disappointing unfortunately, 2015 was by far better
  • Disappointed 😞. Flat nothing special. Seems like there were more light lighting up the path than there were on display.
  • We have just got back from The Lumiere and although there was a few good things we were very Disappointed, we stood in the ridiculous ***** into the Cathedral and there was nothing there just a few flowers and may I say how dangerous it was there was no Lights what so ever Luckily i had a bag torch and some people used their phones 😣for light I looked on your website and thought how amazing it looked but nothing on your website was there,
  • After lumiere 2015 this year was a massive disappointment
  • Is there plenty to see without tickets, and what time is it accessible please?
  • If you need tickets from 4:30pm to get into the city centre what happens if you're already in the city centre at 4:30pm?
  • Hi, does anyone know if I need w ticket for a 2 & a half year old?! Thanks x
  • Where is best to park? Thanks
  • Hi is the park and ride wheelchair friendly?
  • Genius! Love the way this looks down on you between the shop roof tops as you walk up to the market place #lumiere #lovedurham
  • The river walk is stunning #lumiere #lovedurham
  • Beautiful installation at #lumiere this evening. #lovedurham
  • Where can programmes for the event be bought from? I assume this will have a map of where the installations are?