06. October 2018 - 9:00
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Leaders are Readers Saturday Tuition Centre | Northwood | Saturday, 06. October 2018

Come join our award winning Saturday school, and see how we can help make a difference in your child in the areas of Reading, maths, and English. Your child's confidence will grow in a short space of time as a result of the quick pace of progress he/she will make with us. We have been around for almost 20 years and have (as such) continuously made improvements on our techniques to the point that we are now proud to say that we have a 98% success rate with our children. We use conventional teaching methods, with a teacher for each group. Our group sizes are kept small and we supplement the class work with additional fun practice online, so the children get that well-rounded experience. Our warm and friendly tutors are experienced, qualified and vetted and the lessons are curriculum-based.
We have entrance preparation classes for 5+, 7+ and 11+ and you are more than welcome to try us out.....for free!
Please visit our website for more details. www.leadersarereaders.co.uk
We look forward to seeing you soon.