26. September 2019 - 9:30 till 16:30
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Accredited Award in Coach Training | 11 Rutland St | Thursday, 26. September 2019

Have you thought about becoming a certified coach?
Perhaps you would like to become a skilled leader and bring your coaching expertise back into your organisation?
Our Accredited Award in Coach Training course is accredited by the Association for Coaching and has been running since 2010. At Coaching Direct, we are proud to have a vibrant coaching alumni community and we meet regularly to build our professional networks and learn from each other. 
Our forthcoming 5 day classroom-based and online professional coaching programme will run on the following dates (all mandatory):

Day 1 - 26th September 2019
Day 2 - 27th September 2019
Day 3 - 25th October 2019
Day 4 - 29th November 2019
Day 5 - 24th January 2020​

This is what we cover: 
•      Origins and history of coaching in sports, psychology and helping  professions
•       The development of coaching as a profession
•       Differences between coaching and other professions/disciplines
•       Benefits and the power of coaching
•       Coaching stories/ testimonials
•       Attributes, skills and characteristics of a good coach
•       Communication skills and tools used in coaching
•       Goal-setting in coaching
•       The coaching process
•       Contracting
•       Live coaching demos & observed coaching sessions
•       What will you do with your coaching?
•       When and how will you use coaching?
•       Coaching Accreditation. Ethics and Competencies (AC)
You will also have the opportunity to coach, to be coached and to observe coaching sessions in your group of three. 
1. You will have the opportunity to coach 1 delegate over the period of the course using the full coaching process as above, as well as others in the course and 1 external coaching experience.
2. You will also be coached as part of the course making this a truly transformational course, both in terms of skills and personal development.
3. You will observe coaching demonstrations and provide constructive feedback.