12. September 2020 - 18:00 till 21:00
Sunshine Yoga, Edinburgh
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**** Circle | Saturday, 12. September 2020

I invite you to Sunshine Yoga's first **** circle.

A gathering for all mothers.

Space for reflection, releasing, inspiration, and conversation.

It is my desire to hold space to support each other in a non-judgmental way, somewhere we can be free with speaking our struggles, challenges, aspirations, and passions. To be vulnerable, to be seen, to be heard.


- release and let go of feelings, emotions, situations and patterns that no longer serve us.

- The releasing circle will provide everyone with an opportunity for personal time to reflect and to write down what we want to let go of.

- Unite our body, mind & spirit with a balancing yoga sequence to connect more deeply with our conscious self (this will be a very gentle practice and is appropriate for all levels of experience).

- There will be guided meditation throughout to prepare us for the releasing circle, where we will use the healing energies of crystals to assist in the releasing process.

- We will invite in inspiration, new goals and aspirations and refreshed energy.

- We will close the evening providing space for those who wish to share their thoughts & feelings in a safe environment.

- Herbal teas will also be provided.

When a loving, non-judgmental, sacred space is held, magic can happen.

The circle is a place to feel connected and empowered by the collective wisdom of the souls that have been called to sit.

An intimate gathering with only 9 seats available.

Exchange; £35