06. October 2018 - 19:00
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Hay Fever | Edinburgh Napier University Morningside Church | Saturday, 06. October 2018

Hay Fever by Nowel Cowerd
Hay Fever, one of the best-loved of all Coward’s plays. Hay Fever tells the story of a busy weekend at a country house, where each member of the Bliss family has invited a guest to stay, without informing anyone else, each one anticipating having the house, and their lover, to themselves.
Instead, all four guests are forced into close quarters with the four members of the host family, each one more eccentric than the last. Parlour games turn to rancour; romantic alliances split and reform with flippant ease, recalling at once the dry wit of Wilde and the carnivalesque atmosphere of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. A Saturday evening climaxes into a clamour of melodrama.
This is a 4th year production from the Acting for Stage and Screen course at Edinburgh Napier and Queen Margaret Universities. 
May not be suitable for children.