07. July 2019 - 10:00 till 16:00
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My favourite breads (full day) | BreadinFife | Sunday, 07. July 2019

In this 6 hour hands-on class we will make platted challah, lemon bread, olive bread and pirozhkis for lunch. 
Very different techniques for each one of these. The pirozhki dough is half way between a pastry and a flat bread, delicious either way. Challah is a soft, buttery, eggy dough, plaited and glazed to make a wonderful breakfast treat. Lemon bread is easy and surprisingly more-ish. The lemon scent leaps out again when you toast it. Olive bread made with a little rye, semolina and wholemeal is light and delicious.
For more details see the BreadinFife website