17. September 2019 - 12:30 till 13:30
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Zebra Lunch Lab: Zero Waste in the Workplace | Foundation Scotland | Tuesday, 17. September 2019

In responsible, values-led organisations, we all know we need to use less and waste less, no matter what the day job is! But how? What should we be thinking about? What steps should we take?

In this Zebra Lunch Lab, Love Zero founder Teja Hudson will talk to us about practical things you can do in your organisation to rethink, refuse, replace, reduce, reuse and recycle. We'll then have lots of time for discussion - an opportunity to share your challenges, ask questions, offer help and make connections.

If you're already part of a values-led organisation or just starting one; if you're thinking about sustainability as part of your job; or if you just want to be part of an inclusive entrepreneurial community, please join us for this inspiring talk and discussion with like-minded folks.

As ever, there'll be tea, coffee & water but please bring along your own lunch!


The event will be held at 15-21 Calton Road. You can reach us via Calton Road or via Edinburgh Waverley. If you're arriving in Waverley at the main concourse, head to the rear of the station (past Caffe Nero and Left Luggage) towards the green footbridge. Head out over the footbridge and cross the road to the building directly opposite. Enter via the big grey double doors.

If you find yourself on Waterloo Place, go back to Waverley or head down to Calton Road via Calton Hill.

Accessibility & inclusion

We want to include as many people as possible and we're working to ensure accessibility. If you experience barriers to participating (eg caring responsibilities, mobility, visual, auditory, mental health, underrepresentation) or have any questions, we'd love to hear from you about how we can support and involve you.

Love Zero 
Teja Hudson is a Zero Waste consultant and founder of Love Zero, a social enterprise aimed at increasing sustainability and preventing waste in the workplace.  With a background in project management, business analysis, workshop facilitation and teaching creativity and collaboration, she specialises in empowering business leaders to navigate their own journey to sustainability and learn to Love Zero Waste.

Zebras Unite

Zebras Unite is a global network dedicated to building an ethical and inclusive movement to counter existing start-up and venture capital culture. Zebras Unite in Scotland organise opportunities for local Zebra companies, founders and advisors to network, support each other and learn about a whole spectrum of options for structuring, funding and running sustainable companies with values. If you'd like to receive news and events from the chapter directly, please join our mailing list.