17. July 2019 - 8:30 till 10:00
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FACC Master Plan: Think Tank #4 - Tech & Entrepreneurs | NPD Pavilion | Wednesday, 17. July 2019

In early June the Fishers Arts & Culture Commission Master Plan Subcommittee met for their first meeting. This subcommittee is made of local artist, entrepreneurs, educators, business owners, volunteers, and art advocates that will help guide the future of the Nickel Plate District Cultural Designation and the vision for arts and culture in Fishers as we update your community art master plan. The subcommittee broke up into two groups and with our consultant, Ex2 Partners, facilitating the conversation. They were able to gain valuable feedback from the Subcommittee regarding who we want to be, our strengths, our areas of opportunity and what they think the vision should be for the future.
Now we want to hear more from you, the public, and your organization. In July the Fishers Arts & Culture Commission Master Plan Subcommittee and Ex2 Partners will host six breakout sessions called Think Tanks. Our consultant has divided our community thought leaders, organizers, advocates, artist, and volunteers into five different groups to try and gain as much community response as possible. Your organizations feedback is valuable to the future of art and culture in Fishers and the Nickel Plate District.
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