17. September 2019 - 19:00 till 21:00
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Mindfulness the key to positive living Galway | Harbour Hotel Galway | Tuesday, 17. September 2019

IT'S HERE‼️ GALWAY I'M COMING!!  - This workshop styled evening event is about making you become aware of those areas in life where we tend to sway to the negative, whether it is negative thinking, feelings or behaviour. Once we become aware we can implement positive change. - Hour 1 is all about understanding Mindfulness and our habits. We are almost always on autopilot, going through the motions, never present and leaving negative habits and thinking take over our day. We will dive deep learning Mindfulness techniques to become aware of our thoughts and emotions which are critical in consciously setting down new ways of thinking and behaving instead of reverting back to old ways. - Hour 2 is all about integration and putting in the pause. As we are almost always on autopilot, we tend to rush our days going from pillar to post, but what would happen if we slowed down? What would happen if we put in the pause? How can we admire life in all its beauty if we don't stop to admire once in a while? Here we learn to implent positive thinking exercises, understanding like attracts like principals, brainstorming and interactive Q and A with Coaching. - Don't forget to share and tag people who are interested on this post. This event is sure to open your eyes to a new way of living, a way you deserve! Limited tickets are only €29.99