13. February 2019 - 8:30 till 15:30
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KRF Multi Agency Incident Brexit Command Training (Tactical) | ME4 4JB | Wednesday, 13. February 2019

The Kent Resilience Forum - Multi- Agency Incident Command Course(s) has been developed to address the potential organisational command resilience impacts during incidents requiring a multi-agency response.   The courses, set at the Strategic, Tactical and Operational levels aim to develop delegates' confidence, understanding and ability to perform a Command role.
The Tactical level course seeks to develop knowledge and skills to ensure a coordinated, robust, coherent and efficient multi agency response to an emergency within the Tactical Co-ordination Group.
This 1 day course has been tailored to the requirements of the Kent Resilience Forum and will include:
• Brexit briefing on Kent's preparedness
An introduction/refresher to the role of the TCC
• The delivery of Command and Control in Kent
• An understanding of the principles of the Joint Decision Model
• Guest speakers to support the learning
• An exercise to validate the morning learning
• A visit to the Kent Police Tactical Co-ordination Centre

Expected Learning Outcomes
The Kent Resilience Forum - Multi- Agency Incident Command Course (Tactical) will assist delegates in developing their performance by providing an opportunity for them to be able to:
1. Understand the roles and responsibilities of different agencies during the various stages of a major incident/civil emergency
2. Develop an understanding of their role and responsibilities within a Tactical Co-ordinating Group
3. Understand Strategic 'Gold' requirements for their respective organisations
4. Plan, implement and review courses of action and multi-agency communication strategies
5. Gain an understanding and overview of the Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Principles (JESIP) and practice the use of the Joint Decision Model (JDM)
6. Validate their learning during an exercise
 The Kent Resilience – Multi Agency Incident Command Course provides a solid foundation for delegates to continue multi-agency training within their organisation and meets the requirements of the Civil Contingencies Act (CCA) 2004, by sharing and exercising local plans.

• Welcome, overview and introductions
Command, Control and TCC Operations
• Kent’s Processes and Arrangements – Kent Police
• Context and implications - TBC
The Joint Decision Model
Intelligence and Information
• Shared Situation Awareness - SECAMB
Threat Assessment and Strategy
• Developing a Strategy – KFRS
Powers & Policies
• Legislation and Plans – KRT/KCC
Options and Contingencies
• Development of a Joint Tactical Plan - KFRS
Take Action & Review
• Audit trails and logging – KRT/KCC
Media and Communications
• Including Social Media - CCC
Validation Exercise
Questions, Summary and Close

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