14. February 2019 - 8:50 till 10:30
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The 3 "Missing" Steps to DOUBLE Sales Conversion in 4 weeks | Russell & Russell | Thursday, 14. February 2019

We are please to present our first Meet the Expert Event with Marie Rodgers.
Discover the 3 missing steps to doubling your sales conversions in just 4 weeks!
There are three words that describe far too many businesses - "Not enough clients!" Entrepreneurs with fantastic products and services continue to struggle with making the sales conversions necessary to find real success.
There are three "missing" steps to consistently turning "I have to think about it" into "yes!"
Why "missing?" Because 90% of businesses simply don't use them. At all!
These three practical steps can help you turn your entire customer-facing team into sales superstars and double your conversions in as little as four weeks.
Join Marie as she shows you how to identify and implement these three fundamentals in your business and learn how to set your sales on fire!
8.50am registration and tea/coffee/networking
9.20am let's begin 
10.30am networking/tea/coffee

Marie Rodgers is an entrepreneur and sales coach with an obsession for teaching other entrepreneurs how to fall in love with sales and fill their schedules with their dream clients. Through her business, Total Sales Solutions, Marie has delivered powerful sales coaching which has generated over £28 million in sales revenue for her clients.