18. September 2018 - 8:00
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Destiny College Diploma in Christian Leadership 2018/2019 | Destiny College | Tuesday, 18. September 2018

Course Descriptor 

This course is designed to enhance the learning and equipping provided throughout the Certificate in Christian Leadership.  This more practical and intimate course equips individuals with the leadership knowledge and skills to intern within their specific ministry area. It also creates an opportunity for tutorial learning and mentoring, tailored to their area of internship, with the benefit of the practical outworking of the skills learned. 


Course Content 

Advanced Leadership 

Ministry in a Post-Modern Era 

Vision Casting 

Introduction to Theories of Counselling 

Sermon Building 

Developing Teams 

Developing New Ministries 

Prophecy in Action 

Gifts of the Spirit 



The course is centred around an area of internship. This should be an area that will develop and benefit the local church, or a ministry related to the local church, and reflect the calling and passion of the student. This is a 15 hour per week placement (not including usual Sunday Church Serving) which must be agreed with the senior/lead pastor or minister from the local church and the student's supervisor in the ministry area (if different).  During this time of study, we expect that the student will be treated and should behave as if a staff member of the local church or ministry. 


Jobs & Further study 

This course may lead to a role within a church or ministry setting.



No formal qualifications are required; however, we do ask for the following: 


Completion of the Certificate in Christian Leadership. 

Two acceptable references. 

A clear and detailed plan of internship. 

Full involvement with a church community. 

A clear statement and experience of personal faith in Jesus Christ. 

A conviction that there is a call of God upon your life. 

Full commitment to the study programme. 

Being fully prepared to serve over and above the call of duty. 

Openness to change and growth, through discipleship. 

The maturity with which to handle the course.