26. April 2020 - 11:00 till 16:00
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Fermented Foods For Kids | Nourished by Nature | Sunday, 26. April 2020

So many kids are extremely fussy eaters and eat a very limited variety of real food, resulting in a lack of diversity of beneficial gut bacteria, translating to less than optimal health, on every level.If your child survives on processed junk food and fizzy drinks then THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU!Some key questions:

Does your child always catch any bug that's going around?

Do they have allergies or food intolerances, or a continually snotty nose?

Have they been on any antibiotics recently?

Do you sterilise everything and use hand sanitiser?

Is your child happier indoors watching TV or playing computer games?

Is your child a restless sleeper?

If the answer to any of these is yes then your child could benefit greatly from improving the diversity of their gut microbiome and being introduced to a wider selection of plant-based fibre rich, prebiotic and probiotic foods and drinks.Contrary to popular opinion, fermented foods are perfectly safe for children, just in smaller amounts, and introducing them gradually. Small steps are the way to go.Fermented foods and drinks are delicious, it's not all about forcing them to eat sauerkraut!With a few tweaks you can have them eating better quality food without them realising it, and that’s a win-win situation for everyone!
What will we be covering in the Workshop?

Crunchy fermented carrot sticks

Probiotic dips, houmous, pea & mint dip, sweet potato dip, Moroccan butter bean dip

Coconut kefir ice cream (dairy and refined sugar free)

Naturally fizzy fruity water kefir, think upmarket orangina!

Probiotic smoothies

Probiotic gummy bears and jellies

Fermented fizzy grapes

Sourdough oaty cookie bites

Sourdough happy **** veggie pizzas

Energy bites

Probiotic chocolate bark

Wee probiotic canapes

Wee falafel bites

Apple spaghetti


Healthy pick n mix

Crispy sweet potato spirals

Tamari toasted seeds

Fermented tomato ketchup

Raw gluten free probiotic crackers

The Workshop Format?This workshop is for parents to come and try a selection of foods.
In this 3-hour workshop, I will be demonstrating all of the above foods and snacks and discussing the benefits of each food and drink. I will also cover spiralisers and dehydrators, both very useful tools in the kitchen with personal recommendations of the best products.All recipes are included along with a wee goodie bag of assorted snacks to take home, although obviously not ice cream or smoothies!
All the recipes are vegan but not all are nut free or gluten free, although there are plenty of options which are. Sourdough is a great choice for anyone sensitive to gluten since the gluten is largely broken down during the fermentation.