09. November 2019 - 10:00
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Glasgow Masterclass - Dr Jonathan Hardy - Fish and Related Remedies | NHS Centre for Integrative Care | Saturday, 09. November 2019

Fish and Related Remedies In this seminar we will study a fascinating group of remedies. Fish people are fun. The patients have the joy and free-spirited feeling of Birds but with less of the heavy sense of responsibility. They can also be like Butterflies: they don’t really want to be in this world and can float off into a dreamy almost Drug-like state. We will study the themes and sensation of the group and see video cases of five or six different Fish remedies and study the materia medica and provings of these. Then we will see a number of cases of remedies from the similar remedy groups and make a comparison.
Venue: NHS Centre for Integrative Care Gartnavel Hospital Complex 1053 Great Western Road Glasgow G12 0YN
Time: 10 - 4.30 pm
Cost: £160 for the week-end (includes lunch)
Bookings/Payments: Please contact our Academic Administrator via email education@ncim.org.uk / BACS payment or card payment over the phone
£280 to book 2 Masterclasses (saves £40)
£360 to book 3 Masterclasses (saves £120)
£400 to book 4 Masterclasses (saves £240)
Please contact our Administrator for student discounts.