30. April 2020 - 11:00 till 14:00
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Kombucha, Kefir & Gut health | Nourished by Nature | Thursday, 30. April 2020

Fermented drinks like kombucha are gaining popularity, and rightly so. These delicious probiotic drinks are a wonderful replacement for sugar-laden fizzy drinks and alcohol.
They contain all sorts of wonderful beneficial compounds, organic acids, enzymes, probiotic yeast and bacteria plus B vitamins - so they really are a health drink! 
 3-hour workshops including lots of samples to taste, to take home and all the information necessary to become a fermentation expert.
An opportunity to try many different types of kombucha & water kefir, including my coffee kombucha, and lots of healthy nibbles with a fermented twist, like Probiotic chocolate made with coconut kefir!
Join me on this fermentation journey to optimum health, discover a whole new world of flavour, save money and impress your friends and family with your new skills and homemade fermented goodies!
What  will you learn

 Everything you need to know to safely and successfully brew your own kombucha and water kefir at home.

  All the associated health benefits and a bit of history.

  How to second ferment your drinks for amazing flavour and fizz!  

  Recommendations, recipes, links for cultures and equipment.

  Common mistakes and how to avoid them.

  Other uses for fermented drinks, salad dressings/dips/beauty/gardening/pets.

What will you take home?

 Kombucha Scoby

PDF document with lots of tips & recipes to start your probiotics drinks at home.

On-going support 

Places are limited to 8 so get booking!     
                                                               Janice from Nourished By nature