26. September 2019 - 13:00 till 16:30
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Scottish Public Information Forum (SPIF) | GCVS | Thursday, 26. September 2019

Thanks to GCVS for hosting and supporting this meeting which is convened to mark Interntional Right to Know Day

Welcome and Introductions - GCVS

Approval of Minutes of 25th March 2019 and matters arising

Keynote Address for International Right to Know Day Jay Fedorak, The Jersey Information Commissioner. Questions and Discussion https://jerseyoic.org/

Presentation from Daren Fitzhenry, Scottish Information Commissioner

Post Legislative Scrutiny of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FoISA) For more information see Committee's website https://www.parliament.scot/parliamentarybusiness/CurrentCommittees/111249.aspx

Designation of Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) under FoISA - update on progress

Update from the Scottish Government

Update from UK Information Commissioner's Office 

Update from CFoIS.


About SPIF
The Scottish Public Information Forum (SPIF) is an opportunity for rights holders and duty bearers to meet and discuss 'access to information' in Scotland and consider how laws which force disclosure of information are operating.   Learning from each other is a key way to improve understanding and practice.   If you work for the public sector, civil society or the private sector this meeting will be useful in your work, and members of the public are also invited to attend.
The Campaign for Freedom of Information in Scotland  (CFoIS) has taken the initiative to organise SPIF and is keen to assist colleagues from the Third Sector to better understand their rights under freedom of information laws.  Therefore we are delighted that GCVS has agreed to host SPIF in Glasgow.   For more information about GCVS go to www.gcvs.org.uk/
History of SPIF
SPIF’s remit is to ‘enable the long-term effectiveness of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FoISA) and the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004’ (EIR(S)s). Its role is incorporated in the Scottish Government’s Six FoI principles published in 2007:
"Maintains effective relationships with the Scottish Information Commissioner and other key stakeholders- We ensure the effective operation of the Act by fostering and maintaining good working relationships on Freedom of Information with stakeholders such as other public authorities and the Scottish Public Information Forum." http://www.gov.scot/About/Information/FOI/6principles
After being overlooked for 7 years, in May 2017 SPIF was reconvened to:

Act as a sounding-board on the practical operation of FoISA and the EIR(S)s.

Share experiences of FOI and the EIR (S)s

Share good practice on FoI and EIR(S)s.

Discuss progress updates from the Office of the Scottish Information Commissioner

International Celebrations to Celebrate the Right to Access Information
This event forms part of a programme of international events to highlight the importance of people, everywhere and equally, being able to exercise their right to access information.  For more information go to https://www.righttoknowday.net/en/