23. September 2019 - 11:00 till 14:00
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Selling on Amazon | Scottish Enterprise | Monday, 23. September 2019

Over half of its sales are made by small independent businesses. This vast online marketplace provides a structured selling framework and presents an unrivalled opportunity for sellers to reach a wide range of customers - in the UK and overseas.
Why attend?
If you're looking to start-up, or expand a business, then you need to think about Amazon.
In this half-day session you'll learn all the basics about opening, running and growing your own Amazon store.
Topics covered include:
Selling on Amazon - what’s in it for your businessOpening and maintaining an Amazon seller accountAdding products to your Amazon inventorySuccessful salesHandling orders and returnsFulfilment by Amazon serviceSelling internationallyCustomer service and communicationOther sources of information and tipsGet tips and guidance from an experienced Amazon seller who started small and now has stores throughout Europe.

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